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10 Ways to Improve Your Digital Customer Experience


Authors: Rebecca Jennings & Marie Sheehan

We review and benchmark hundreds of websites around the world each year; using a combination of consumer insights, behavioural tracking and expert evaluation mapped to best practice customer decision journeys.

In the course of these analyses, it has become clear that there are some common pains in customer journeys across industries; errors that brands across industries such as energy, auto, home and travel insurance, financial services and sports betting make that cause pain to the customer, reducing the chances of a final purchase.

We’ve put together a list of the top ten ways to improve the digital customer journey; all relatively quick wins, in order to increase the chances of a consumer completing their consideration and purchase journey, and driving up conversions.

1. Think needs, not products
Focus on what users are trying to achieve not what you want them to buy
(I need a red apple. I never buy green ones)

2. Blow your own trumpet
Outline why users should choose you
(I need to be convinced I am making the right choice)

3. Show users you have products to suit their specific needs
Help users to choose the right option
(I’m not 100% sure I know what I want)

4. Enable easy internal comparison
Make it easy for users to compare your products
(How can I compare products?)

5. Enable easy external comparison
Make it easy for users to compare your products with your competitors’
(How can I compare these products with others I’ve seen?)

6. Integrate contextual help
Place multiple phone number & link to FAQ on home page
(I need help when I need help)

7. Support cross channel needs
Make it easy for customers to use multiple channels
(Can I buy this on my mobile?)

8. Promote the online channel
Outline the benefits of purchasing online
(Is this website secure?)

9. Set consumer expectations for the purchase
List what customer need to complete a purchase upfront
(How long is this going to take?)

10. Support the buy
Include on page support & info within purchase process
(Where can I find my customer account number?)

These ten tips are fairly straightforward, but surprisingly we often see how many of the basics get overlooked, which compromises not only the experience, but also limits sales growth.  When companies understand their customers decision journeys, and have this as the backbone to their digital execution, both online sales and the customer digital experience improve.


If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Marie Sheehan
Head of Marketing (Europe)



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