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4 key challenges of digital transformation…and how Global Reviews can help

Digital Transformation

Marketing Mag recently discussed four key challenges of digital transformation. Essentially these challenges came down to understanding customers, knowing the customer journey, being across the market trends, and being able to make sense of and bring everything together. Some companies are good and one or two of these, but most are still struggling. Digital transformation is fast paced so businesses can’t afford to fall behind the expectation of their customers.

4 key challenges of digital transformation…
and how Global Reviews can help

1. The most vital element in ensuring the success of a digital transformation project involves your company developing empathy with your customers by using research, journey mapping and data analysis.
Global Reviews uses the largest research, data & insights programme in the world to track the online buying behaviour of in-market consumers, the buying decisions they make and the effect that a company’s online customer experience is having on those decisions. We then work with businesses to help them to better understand the wants and needs of their customers through all stages of the research and sales journey.

2. It is critical that business leaders facilitate early on the discussion about what meeting customer’s service expectations really means – ideally before project teams form and work begins.

Our expert client advisory team are on hand to work with businesses through all phases of project development including initial research, best practice audits of wireframes, multi-stage usability testing and benchmark auditing. By having these regular touch points throughout the project, it ensures you are on the right path from the very beginning.

3. Businesses that recognise where the market is heading, understand the opportunities that it presents, and move quickly stand to profit most from digital transformation.
In the 2015/16 financial year, Global Reviews has measured the online acquisition performance of over 500 companies globally and tracked the online buying behaviour of over 60,000 in-market consumers. This places us in a unique position whereby we can deliver industry, local and international trends across the online customer journey which means we can offer a more holistic view on where the marketing is heading.

4. The best businesses develop a conversation about data that is focused on delivering a service to customers. Yes, it is possible to analyse all the data available and use it to create better segmentation and targeting. But that can be a costly and difficult place to start. The best approach is to ask ‘how do we find and use the few data points that will provide value to our customers?

As well as collecting and analysing data to help businesses across all areas of their mobile and desktop websites, Global Reviews provides prioritised recommendations and “quick wins” to build and maintain a stronger online customer experience even if a business is not yet able to invest in a bigger transformation overhaul.

If your brand is facing challenges as you are navigating through a phase of digital transformation, then you are at risk of losing customers to competitors who are further ahead in their transformation. Even if your brand is considered to be #1 within your industry, don’t forget that your customer also has a bank account, energy provider, phone provider and insurance products, so if they’re exposed to something great within one industry, they’re going to expect that level of greatness across all the products and services they use.

Only Global Reviews has insight into the complete picture of your customer, customer journey, industry and full market scope, so contact us today to find out how we can help your business through the process of digital transformation.


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