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4 tips for presenting entry requirements on university websites

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In October 2016, Global Reviews conducted online behavioral research using 650 prospective students, measuring and analysing 20 university sites via our Digital Sales Effectiveness (DSE) programme.

Each brand has unique areas where it performs better or worse than others specifically regarding a student’s ability to locate and understand entry requirements in order to find the best course to meet their needs. Each of the following elements can influence just how effective your website is at helping prospective students find the right course for them:

  • Formatting
  • Language
  • In-content links
  • Signposting and headings

The data collected from our desktop Digital Sales Effectiveness studies can reveal which areas throughout the consideration and application stages of selecting a course to study, are helping or hindering online conversions.Higher LearningFor best practice examples and more information, watch our webinar recording now:


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