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5 Vital Reasons Senior Marketers need to be across Customer Experience

Companies spend significant funds on innovative marketing campaigns to successfully drive customers to their website or contact centre only to lose them in the sales funnel due to poor customer experience.

In fact, the more successful the marketing the higher the expectation of customers making contact and the gap between expectation and delivery can cause a huge negative impact on potential business not only on the visiting prospect but on the overall NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Some marketing raises the attention and desire amongst consumers for a certain product only to have them leave the client’s website or contact centre disgruntled but more informed for the next competitor whose customer experience level may be greater.

A wesbite or contact centre that reflects customer needs closely, and allows them to research and/or transact quickly and easily will have a higher conversion rate than those that do not.

There are literally hundreds of factors that impact on the customer’s journey and what often happens is there is knowledge of the fact that you are losing customers along the process but unsure where and more importantly WHY?

It is the latter insight that provides the most valuable information as to what you need to do to improve sales conversion and increase market share.

5 key drivers and considerations for marketers when engaging customer experience research:

1. Ensure the customer experience lives up to expectations created

The expectations set in the marketing execution need to be reflective in reality when prospective customers arrive at a website, call the contact centre or visit a branch. The higher the expectations the greater the negative impact if they are not met.

2. Ensure the ROI of marketing funds are not eroded by poor customer experience

If KPI’s are set around sales conversion then it is important to ensure that every dollar is pulling in maximum revenue. The focus may be to drive prospective customers to the website or contact centre and although marketing’s responsibilities may end there, at the end of the day the ROI is going to be judged on the number of customers converted so ensure that marketing goals are in lock step with the channel objectives of contact centre managers, digital managers and other stakeholders.

3. Deliver what the marketing says will be delivered

Similarly it is vital that marketers are aligned with product managers to ensure that the product being promoted matches up with the delivery to the customer. Ensure the marketing message advertised is reflective of the customer experience and the product representation online, over the phone and in-store.

4. Use insights to differentiate your products and brand from your competitors

Some of the research may highlight common pain points and issues consistent across the industry. These can be addressed head on by making real changes and making them the foundation of the marketing messages to reassure prospective customers and create a positive point of difference that resonates with the market. (however refer Point 1).

5. Directing marketing dollars to the most effective channels

Customer experience research and behavioural studies, particularly around the discovery phase, can provide some key insights into the effect of marketing dollars by analysing the process people undertake to discover a brand. This information is invaluable when deciding on where best to invest marketing funds.

The research and studies we undertake at Global Reviews are able to provide the why prospective customers do or don’t engage certain companies and provides some of the most insightful information for marketers that sets a foundation for considerable growth because strategy is based on sound and reliable data.

Every incremental improvement in customer experience that drives prospective customers to conversion not only adds to your growth and revenue but erodes that of your competitors thus increasing market share.

For more information on how Global Reviews can help increase your sales conversion and customer advocacy contact us today.


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