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Aggregators: Helping or Hindering your Credit Card brand?

Desktop users looking for a new credit card increasingly make use of aggregator websites, we noticed while following each step of their discover phase during our study on 201 in-market UK consumers in the second quarter of 2017.

Being able to compare products and offers of several brands on a third-party website, is visibly impacting the decisions of your potential customers when choosing a credit card.

However, mobile users are visiting aggregators a lot less and aggregators don’t hold as much power on their final preferences.

Our research shows that some brands benefit from aggregators and some are actually hindered by them. Have a look at our findings and see why these comparison websites should not be ignored.

On desktop, aggregator visits help Sainsbury’s and Barclays significantly – perhaps as much in awareness as anything else – but hinder American Express in shortlisting. As the graphic shows, around 38% of those who visited aggregators shortlisted Sainbury’s, compared to 19% of those who did not visit them.

Credit Card Aggregators1As for the final preference, aggregators continue to help Sainsbury’s but hinder Halifax and American Express.

Credit Card Aggregators2Even though aggregator visits help Sainsbury’s on mobile too, their lost opportunity is much higher than on desktop, because aggregators have less influence and – perhaps more importantly – Sainsbury’s mobile site doesn’t perform as well as their desktop site.

Marks & Spencer didn’t benefit from aggregators in the shortlisting phase on either mobile or desktop.

Credit Card Aggregators3In the end, aggregators are most beneficial to Sainsbury’s and Santander, while American Express and Tesco lose the most mobile users who visited an aggregator.

Credit Card Aggregators4What can we learn from this?
Having a website – both on desktop and mobile – that carries on the same messaging from the aggregators is vital. When users click, they expect to see the same offer on your site as on the aggregators. Aggregators are less popular on mobile at present, but as ease of use increases, expect their popularity (and power) to grow.

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