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An invitation to all Australians to participate in major weather study

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology understands how much we rely on its information to support our personal and work lives and to help us plan around severe weather events. The purpose of the research is to better understand the needs of the general public and industry across the range of information services the Bureau offers. The research will explore how we use weather information, along with the decisions, risks and impacts of weather to Australian organisations.

The Bureau is conducting the largest single piece of research it has undertaken in its history and is inviting you to participate.

The aim of the study is to prioritise the products and services the Bureau develops over the next decade. Global Reviews has been commissioned by the Australian Government to conduct this important research study. As part of this research Global Reviews is conducting:

For more information about the study, please feel free to send an email to and one of our research consultants will respond as soon as possible.

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