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Are we amazed enough by AI?

With the world already waking up to what AI has in store for technology moving forward, the citizenship of Sophia along with her gracing the Jimmy Fallon show has only made our eyes open much wider in amazement. Is there anything that technology can’t do? A robot now has a name, identity, exhibits humor and wants alike while doing what the inventors expect of her. Will science ever seize to amaze us?!

We think not. Experts think not. The speakers for our first quarterly event certainly think not!

Global Reviews kick started its Quarterly Speaker & Networking event on Wednesday, 29th of November at Collins Quarter with the topic- AI in Digital Engagement.

The speakers of our inaugural event Hurol Inan, CEO of Wunderman- Bienalto and Mark Neely, Head of AI at Wunderman- Bienalto, gave us their perspective on this intriguing topic and spoke at length of where they felt AI is moving and how it will steer the way the world functions.

During the event, we just realized how much more there is to these 2 letters, enough so that everyone present at the event could just not stop giving their perspective on the topic. What ensued was a barrage of questions and information exchange from and within the audience. A few of the common questions floating around were- Are our jobs in jeopardy? How secure is the technology used within AI? Is there too much hype surrounding AI?

Hurol & Mark answered all of them apart from giving us a few insights into research studies that have been conducted on this topic. Here are a couple of them:

‘In 5 years- more than half of your customers will select your services based on AI instead of your traditional brand.

In 7 years- most interfaces will not have a screen and will be ambient or integrated into daily tasks.

In 10 years- digital assistants will be so pervasive they’ll keep employees productive 24/7/365 operating in the background for workplace interactions,
like creating video summaries right after an important meeting.’

It was pointed out how interfaces have evolved over time to become more conversational driven and how voice enabled technology is now taking precedence over everything else.

The data being staggering enough further led to a downpour of discussion that continued till the end of our networking session. It was a wake-up call of how things are changing, how these changes will affect what we do in our professional lives and how we need to keep up and constantly continue to re-invent ourselves to stay relevant in this age of AI and robotics.

This is exactly what we had set out to achieve with organising an event like this! The idea behind launching this series is the fact that Global Reviews’ works with such diverse industries that the importance of engaging with each one and understanding how they work, what they are interested in and what gets their adrenaline pumping moves up a few notches on our priority list.

The topic will always main focus of every event that we host as part of this series. The intention is to be able to pick something that is relevant to every industry, something that gets everyone excited to learn more about and offers them something to think about and take back with them to apply to their professional lives. With this series, we also hope to create a platform where we can add value and create an opportunity where like-minded people can network.

For more information on our inaugural event head over to our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

For information on our next event, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter & Facebook. If you do want to know more about what we do and what is in our pipeline for next year, get in touch with Maddy-


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