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Axa offers health insurance customers the best online customer experience



Global Reviews has been benchmarking the customer experience of Health Insurance websites for the last 10 years. The Q3-2010 results found that the industry is still struggling to explain and promote this complex product to customers online.

Global Reviews measured the customer experience offered on the websites of six leading brands including AXA, Simply Health, Pru Health, Aviva, SAGA and BUPA.

AXA PPP leads the way, however the industry average score is only 45% which means that only a few brands meet the customer experience target of 55%. There is a 24% difference between AXA PPP and BUPA’s scores for customer experience.

Harvind Bhatti, Global Reviews General Manager, said “This wide variance means that users will receive a very different experience depending on the website they visit. However if you look closely at the 28 sub-categories within the benchmark you can see that the brands vary in performance in different categories. This means that there is a lot they could learn from each other and from other industries.”

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