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Blog Series – The second critical stage for an effective mobile sports betting site – Introducing Options

Mobile Sports Betting

In the first post of this three-part blog series, we looked at ‘Initial Engagement’ as the first critical stage for an effective sports betting site.

Our Mobile Sales Effectiveness research, conducted in April 2016, put a sample of 450 “in market” bettors on the mobile websites of 16 different sports betting websites across Ireland, UK and Australia. The study highlighted that there are three critical stages along the mobile customer journey that need focus in order to decrease the level of lost opportunity that sports brands suffer from.

The three stages are:

  1. Initial Engagement
  2. Introducing Options
  3. Application i.e. Adding a Bet

The second critical stage is ‘Introducing Options’.

What does Introducing Options cover? 

Simply put, ‘Introducing Options’ refers to a bettor’s ability to:

  • Learn about event options
  • Locate betting options

Forming part of the ‘Consider’ phase of the customer journey where online bettors are actively considering placing a bet on their preferred site. Bettors want to find the relevant odds quickly and easily. This is critical on a mobile device.

As part of April’s Mobile Sales Effectiveness study, we set consumers the following task:

Task: Find the odds for Gallant Oscar to win the Aintree Grand National. 

BetVictor ‘s mobile site scored highest in our study scoring 83%. Here’s why…

Bet Victor


  • Customers can easily locate the link for all key events easily on the homepage
  • The hamburger menu is a simple A-Z function with clear icons to find an event
  • The event page is clearly laid out making it easier to filter races

Common problems encountered by consumers 

Below are some of the common problems experienced by consumers at the ‘Introducing Options’ stage, with ease of navigation and the time involved to find relevant information being the most significant pains.

Common Problems

The final critical stage of an effective sports betting mobile site is ‘Adding a Bet’ which we will look at in the third and last post of this blog series.

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