Revealing the winning factors for the most preferred Australian travel insurance providers

As we head into the final months of the year, many of us are beginning to daydream about our next holiday. It is at this time every year that Global Reviews runs a Digital Marketing Effectiveness study to understand how Australian consumers, who are planning their upcoming holidays, are researching and selecting travel insurance.

With 39% of future travellers surveyed in 2013 not able to recall any travel insurance providers, the process of picking a provider is going to be heavily reliant on conducting research and establishing a ‘shortlist’ of companies to pick from.

As part of our research we asked consumers to use the internet to find travel insurance providers who would best suit their needs. After initial research, the following providers were the most commonly listed within consumers’ shortlists:

  • Allianz – 39%
  • Australia Post – 33%
  • NRMA – 23%
  • AAMI – 22%
  • 1 Cover – 21%
  • Medibank Private – 19%
  • Travel Insurance Direct – 18%
  • Virgin Money – 15%
  • Insure & Go – 14%

Familiarity with the brand’s name and appearing within search engine results were the two main reasons why brands were shortlisted. But what were the key winning points for each of these highly shortlisted brands?

Travel Insurance shortlisting2

The above graph highlights the main selling points that each brand is generally considered for. With so many players in the market offering near identical products, focussing on what gets your brand shortlisted could be one way of setting yourself apart from the crowd.

We are just weeks away from running this study again so it will be interesting to see how well these top eight brands have leveraged off their key selling points. Or perhaps we’ll see a different set of brands rising to the top?

Contact us to be amongst the first to receive our upcoming study results and gain further insight into what is making your brand a winner when it comes to researching travel insurance.

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