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Conversion reduces when customers perceive time-hungry forms


In a recent study focusing on online forms, Global Reviews found that customer perception around the length of a form impacts their willingness to complete the process.

This perception begins from the first step of a process and is often based on visual cues (or lack thereof) depicting the steps involved. Global Reviews’ Senior Advisor Paul Moorehead says “Customers are often left to make up their own minds as to how long a form will take to complete – a perception which is often incorrect and has a negative impact on conversions”.

When it came to insurance quote forms, the perceived number of steps equated in a customer’s mind to the number of questions involved to complete the quote.

Those companies with a greater number of steps in the process saw reduced customer intent to complete a quote. This was due to their perception of more questions and a greater time investment – even if the number of questions in the process were actually equal or less than competitors.

While multiple design practices can impact a customer’s experience during the completion of any online form, retaining the customer from the very beginning is one of the main challenges faced by online traders. A clear indication of the steps involved and how long the form will take to complete are essential to engage and hold customers.


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