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Customer Experience Excellence recognition program and award icons


Global Reviews publishes the Customer Experience (CE) Index, the leaderboard of customer experience excellence.

Top performers from within an industry’s CE Index will be recognised in the media and via an annual awards program.

Leaderboard winners will now have the option to publish a Global Reviews award icon. While only subscribers to the benchmark will be permitted to use and promote the award, the symbol represents the effort organisations make in delivering great customer experiences.

Global Reviews’ CEO Greg Muller says that “we have a reliable, objective and rigorous method of measuring the quality of a customer’s interaction with an organisation. It is clear through our research that there are some organisations who place an emphasis in creating environments where customers feel supported, empowered and wanted. An awards and recognition program is a natural step in recognising the investment these organisations make in their people, processes and systems.”

There are three award icons:

  • Interim winner – Winner of an industry-specific part year benchmark leaderboard within a region
  • Annual winner – Full year winner of an industry-specific benchmark leaderboard within a region
  • Global winner – Full year winner of an industry-specific benchmark leaderboard across all regions.



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