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Double, triple or quadruple your sample size!

Author: Paul Moorehead

As part of our release programme for the GR Portal we have introduced the function to combine study periods within our Digital Marketing Effectiveness research. Subscribers can now combine participants between study periods to increase the sample when filtering or diving deeper into insights. Based on a standard subscription, that will give you an annual sample of 800 in-market consumers per product!

When analysing data, considerations of sample size needs to be factored when adding multiple filters within the same query, to ensure margin of error is within an acceptable level for the decisions being made or insight provided. By combining study periods more advanced segmentation and deeper filtering becomes possible.

The study (period) selection has been adapted to allow the user to select the studies required to be combined via the left side panel (see below). By default the latest study is displayed and selected. Adding a study period will combine participants for all data viewed and allow demographic and question values to be filtered within the defined sample.


Of course, you still may require a bigger sample for each study period, especially if wanting to analyse monthly campaigns (online or offline) or the effects of competitor activity. We can cater for this against each individual study (monthly or quarterly) which will then provided a larger sample to analyse annual or bi-annual behaviours.

To increase sample sizes for individual studies or gain access to previous periods, please contact:

Ché Carbis
Senior Commercial Director
T: +61 3 9982 3419
M: +61 411 962 857


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