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Drivers of brand preference in the Irish energy market


In our most recent Digital Marketing Effectiveness study on the energy market in Ireland from July 2016, participants were asked to recall providers in the marketplace, unprompted.

It is no surprise that the top brands that Irish consumers recalled are household names, the top 5 being Electric Ireland, Bord Gais, SSE Airtricity, Energia and Pinergy.

Brand Recall

Consumer Journey Online 

When looking online for a new energy provider, 98% of consumers begin by using a search engine while 59% went directly to a brand’s website and 56% used an aggregator site.

Consumer Journey

Of the 98% of consumers who used a search engine:

  • 28% searched for a brand
  • 27% searched for an aggergator site
  • 13% went from search engine > brand website > aggregator
  • 8% went from search engine > aggregator > brand website

Moving through the funnel 

Electric Ireland featured heavily as consumers’ initial preference with 41% of consumers, followed by SSE Airtricity (25%) Bord Gais (18%) and Energia (11%). Reasons for initial preference are very much focused on being a current or past customer and trusting the brand.

initial preference

Moving to the shortlisted brands, Electric Ireland still hold the top spot in consumers’ minds with 60% of consumers placing them on their shortlist, followed by Energia who at 58% have moved to second position from fourth. As consumers move to shortlist their preferred brands, being a current or past customer becomes less important and good prices and offers as well as familiarity with the brand name more so.

Reasons for shortlist

Which brand claimed the top spot as final preference for Irish energy consumers? 

Energia claim the top spot for final preference. with 34% of consumers choosing them as their final preferred choice.

Final Preference

The key drivers of final preference are focused on meeting consumer needs in terms of having the best deals and offers, cheapest price and having the best plans to suit needs. Having plans that are easy to understand as well as having an easy to use website are also at the forefront of consumers’ minds. As consumers move to choose their preferred energy provider, trust and loyalty become less important.

Reasons for final preference


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