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Find out this summer which UK health insurance provider does digital best

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Author: Marie Sheehan

Announcing the launch of the UK Health Insurance Digital Sales Effectiveness (DSE) programme July 2014

Organisations included in the study: Aviva, AXA PPP, BUPA, PruHealth & Simplyhealth

In July we will run one of the most advanced studies ever conducted focussing on how well UK health insurers’ websites are meeting the needs of their customers.

The findings, which will be available in August, will help health insurance providers to measure, track and optimise sales on their online sites.

Our programmes and actionable insights are designed to take out subjectivity which enables our clients to make decision making and sales planning with absolute confidence.

Previous study

The last round of our research into the digital sales effectiveness of UK health insurance providers was run in January, so it’s going to be interesting to see if they are getting better or worse at digital.

  • Will Bupa still be the only UK health insurance provider meeting the needs of their customers online?
  • Are all others still failing their digital customers?
  • The weakest point in the digital customer experience across UK Health Insurers was helping customers to evaluate and choose the various options – I wonder will this still be the case?

For more on the UK Health Insurance Digital Sales Effectiveness study Q1 2014 please read my blog posting

Actionable insights based on evidence from actual customers

The power of this DSE programme is that it is a study of ‘In market’ consumers that have intent to buy (consumers who are looking for a new health insurance provider at that time), conducted in their natural buying environment with a totally unique insight into how easy it is to buy from them online.

The evidence we provide from our 360 degree review of a company’s site will identify the difficulties that 95% of prospective customers experience will face.

Five things our Digital Sales Effectiveness programme can tell you:

  1. How to optimise your digital customer journey and increase sales
    The data and insights from our industry programmes have a direct, measurable and positive impact on online sales conversions and customer loyalty
  2. Your digital sales effectiveness score
    We measure and score the sales effectiveness of your mobile site based on “in market consumers’ ” evidence, behavioural studies and audits overlaid with our industry best practice audit. A four dimensional approach which yield results that cannot lie
  3. What to do with the data
    Best practice recommendations from our experienced Client Advisory team are evidence based (rather than opinion) and a direct result of running the largest syndicated programme of studies internationally
  4. The problems almost all customers encounter on your website
    We identify the difficulties 95% of prospective customers experience on your (and your competitors’) websites
  5. How you compare to your competitors
    We give you the granular degree of insight that shows you and your competitors at each stage of the online customer journey

Find out more

To arrange a call back or meeting to discuss this study in more detail, and find out more about the full scope of the research as well as the actionable insights Global Reviews deliver please contact us.

To register your interest for our free webinar on this study or to receive the free white paper please contact us.


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