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Global Reviews announces headline sponsorship of the London Higher Education Marketing Conference 2019

higher education marketing conference

Global Reviews brings its world renowned research programme to London’s Higher Education Marketing Conference.

“The Higher Education Marketing Conference 2019 will offer leading professional development in supporting innovation and maximising impact in the delivery of effective higher education marketing campaigns. Those attending will gain the latest insights from higher education marketing experts and leading practitioners in understanding the evolving trends in student recruitment, assessing how to enhance engagement and communication with prospective students and developing marketing strategies which support outstanding outcomes within higher education.”

Regent’s Park, London – Tuesday 30th April 2019

Global Reviews, a company dedicated to empowering businesses with data driven insights and recommendations, is proud to announce it will be the headline sponsor of Inside Government’s Higher Education Marketing Conference for 2019 ( The conference will be held Tuesday 30th April at the Royal College of Physicians in Regent Park, London and will be chaired by Martyn Spence, Director of Marketing and Communication, Heriot-Watt University.

Keynote speaker

Gerard Farrell, Head of Product at Global Reviews, will be a keynote speaker on the day, unveiling recent UK higher learning research and bringing best practice examples to bear on how the UK higher learning industry can improve its digital acquisition, retention and communicate channels.

  • Revealing new Global Reviews research and insights detailing how UK universities can perform better in meeting the online marketing and sales needs of their prospective students.
  • Understanding trends across university websites and highlighting common pain points prospective students face when researching course and university options.
  • Delivering best practice examples of the online consumer journey from both the UK and Australia.

Bringing our celebrated Higher Learning research programme to the UK

With nearly 20 years of experience in measuring and benchmarking customer journeys through multiple online channels and having worked with 15 universities in Australia, Global Reviews is bringing its higher learning benchmark to the UK.

Utilising real world scientific methodologies, Global Reviews not only provides the most sophisticated online journey benchmarking programme in the world but also provides the ability to respond to competitive market dynamics through a whole market view. Our insights consistently drive higher conversion rates and reduce abandonment.

Our methodologies consist of a unique blend of active and passive methodologies, subjective onsite behavior and objective best practice feature and function audits. Across the end to end online buying journey, segmented into two phases and six buying stages, our products benchmark and forensically analyse the elements of the online experience which are causing the greatest loss in sales. Our expert client advisory team deep dives into the thousands of behavioural data points generated in one study alone and provide evidence led insights to turn lost opportunities into conversions.

Five ways we can help your digital team:

  1. Prioritisation of customer experience development based on proportional market conversion increases
  2. Reduce reliance on site centric single data sources and provide whole market visibility. (The 80% you don’t currently see)
  3. Access to a leading team of digital conversion specialists and best practice intelligence
  4. Benchmark the performance of your online customer journey against local competitors and worldwide leaders.
  5. Reduce subjective debate within your team and gain independent validation on the decisions and choices you are making for your online sales and marketing strategy.

For more information about Global Reviews or to register your interest in a demo at the conference, contact Suzy Sliwczynski (


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About Global Reviews

The Global Reviews story began in 2000 out of a passion to present companies with the most accurate and actionable measure of website customer experience.

Our research approach is rooted in the knowledge that a more successful research solution will be achieved through the collaboration of three distinct groups:

  • Your team
  • Your customers
  • Our experts

Through this collaborative process we follow a design pattern which starts broadly, considering your requirements and then refines this to a single evidence led approach to achieving the project goals.

When choosing participants for our studies we choose carefully and work only with the highest quality panel partners. The majority of our studies include only in-market consumers, those who are currently looking to purchase a product or service like yours. When choosing samples, we cut out the noise and focus only on those customers who will improve your commercial performance. Once chosen our respondents complete tasks on their own devices in their own homes and we record and observe their natural behaviour. In this manner we bridge the gap between claimed behaviour and actual behaviour. With access to millions of customers worldwide and leveraging many diverse research solutions, there is no door into the digital world we have not been able to open to complete research.

For more information, visit You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Media Contact:
Suzy Sliwczynski
Marketing Manager


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