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Golden boot winners of the Digital World Cup

Author: Marie Sheehan

As part of our ongoing programme of studies into the online effectiveness of UK sports betting providers we ran our Digital Sales Effectiveness (DSE) benchmark during the World Cup.

UK bookmakers were expecting to take as much £3 billion in action during the World Cup and we felt there was no better time to analyse online purchasing behaviour and track sports betting customers online.

Customer purchasing journey scoreboard

The study researches ‘in market’ sports betting online consumers using our unique methodology which has 500+ data points in 63 metrics per company being benchmarked.

As part of our programme we have scored how each sports betting provider performs at each stage of the online consideration and purchase journey. The scores listed below are calculated using a series of tasks, questions and best practice criterion at each stage of the customer journey. All scores are weighted according to our industry and consumer research based on the importance of site elements during the journey to customers to support decision-making.

Golden boot – top scorers per stage


“Initial Engagement” Golden Boot: William Hill with 68%

Evaluates: the customer’s first impressions of the website and the company brand

Measures: fundamental site elements like navigation, privacy, building trust and value proposition

“Introducing Options” Golden Boot: Coral with 63%

Evaluates: the customer’s ability to locate product or service options on the website

Measures: how easily customers can find all options and detailed information associated with the product or service such as fees, rates, inclusions or terms and conditions

“Facilitating Decisions” Golden Boot: Bet Fred with 58%

Evaluates: the company’s ability to assist customers in the final stages of their decision making process Measures: how easy a company makes it for customers to get answers to important questions

“Channel Selection” Golden Boot: Sky Bet 59%

Audits: the website’s ability to convey the options available to customers in order to place a bet

Measures: how well your website introduces both online and offline options for the customer

“Placing a Bet” Golden Boot: Coral 58%

Evaluates: how the website manages the beginning of a customer’s purchase process

Measures: best practice elements for a shopping cart type interface, including supporting content required before a customer places a bet

“Registration” Golden Boot: William Hill 72%

Evaluates: how the website manages the customer experience prior to purchase/placing a bet

Measures: best practice form elements and expectation management during the process such as error handling, process indication and both online and offline support

Full time analyses

The key to growing online sales is about understanding the (lost) opportunities, getting to know what you don’t know, and finding out what you can do differently. The Global Reviews Digital Sales Effectiveness programme delivers the evidence-based insights and advice to better manage and improve customer experience and digital business outcomes.

A word from our pundit: “Do not try to fix what is not broken. Understand your journey through the consumers’ eyes and target the stages of the customer journey that are under performing.”

Our pundit, Liam O’Callaghan is available for comment on + 44 (0) 203 725 8262


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