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Home Loan Digital Tactics- What your competitors don’t want you to know.

Working on optimising your website and digital strategy to get more visitors can sometimes feel futile. But what if the reason your rankings are not improving is actually your myopic view. Have you ever thought or analysed what goes on in the minds of your prospective customers when they look for a Home Insurance provider?

Have you ever wondered what your customer journey when searching for a home loans provider actually entails? What is your competitor getting right and where are you falling short? It could really be a question of identifying information that your customers need and laying it out in a certain way on your website.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

We recently conducted a our webinar on this topic, where we touched upon what works for leading Home Loan providers and why. Our products are pioneers in measuring benchmarking and optimising customer journeys. We show you the larger picture. We tell you where you sit in the eyes of your potential customer. We tell you how your customer chooses you and why a potential customer doesn’t, which competitor they choose, what leads them to their final choice and what influencers play a pivotal role along the way.

In 2017 we spoke to 1,200 home loan seekers and had them complete tasks on up to 24 brands internationally. We analysed the funnel from start to finish, prioritising performance at key stages such as- Recall, Initial Preference, Visited websites of brands, Shortlisted, Final Preference.

According to the research conducted and the funnel created, some of the results found indicated that:

  1. Service functionality was rated to be of higher importance for Home Insurance seekers in the Australian market as compared to the UK market.
  2. Websites being user friendly is another aspect that veers customers towards choosing a Home Insurance provider.
  3. For prospective customers, after brand relationship and beyond utilitarian product features like fees and rates, presenting options which are easy to understand and suitable to specific needs is key.
  4. For existing customers, service delivery and customer experience is the battleground.
  5. Home insurance providers that have easy to use input fields and easy to use terminology on their websites are ranked higher according to potential customers.
  6. Mobile version of the websites of home insurance providers showing key features in larger text and more details in a slide over which enables users to easily and quickly get back to the range list, is preferred by customers.

A few key points to keep in mind if you are a Home Loans provider, seeking to attract a larger market share:

1.Understanding where prospective and current customers go to meet their needs and being there with the most compelling option.

2.Customers want to know what you have to offer them but you need to tailor that to their needs. Interactive comparison, dynamic filtering and strong breadcrumb strategies are key.

3. Understanding touch points used (research, social media, aggregator, search engine etc.) and most important attributes is key.

4.Having a clear map of the home loan customer experience journey and their differing needs along that journey. Meet them on that journey with solutions that  solves problems.

5.Knowing why you are losing opportunities and ensure you are maximising your share of the customers wallet by pre-empting what they need.

6.When personalising online journeys, maintain strong anchor navigation which clear signposting.

To get a full synopsis of what we covered in the webinar, click here or reach out to Maddy-


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