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Is banking inertia dying?

Join our free webinar on Wednesday March 5th for an overview of the results of our January Digital Marketing Effectiveness (DME) Study of UK Current Account providers

  • Only 20% are choosing their existing bank as their current account provider
  • Online banking is a key driver for 63% of people looking for a current account provider
  • “Previous use of the brand” was just cited by just 33%

Many consumers, when looking for a new financial product, gravitate towards their existing bank.
However, in the age of online banking and easy comparisons, is some of this natural inertia being overcome?

Imagine if you knew:

  • Why you are losing customers online (and to whom)
  • Why your website traffic is increasing, but your sales remain the same
  • Why your competitors are winning your customers online

Register now for our webinar next Wednesday to hear our Principal Client Advisor, Rebecca Jennings, outline the actionable recommendations to give you this insight.

In this webinar, Rebecca will outline the key findings of our most recent study (January 2014) in to the digital marketing effectiveness of Current Account providers.

Here’s a sneak preview of those findings:

  • The key driver for final choice of current account was online banking; 63% of respondents said this was a factor in their choice; 54% said it was because the brand had the best offer for their needs. “Previous use of the brand” was just cited by just 33%
  • 22% of consumers were currently customers of a certain leading bank* in some capacity, yet barely a fifth of these choose the brand for a current account in our research, suggesting that previous experience is no longer the overriding influence. Users were more attracted by a brand offering the best account for their needs alongside online banking.
  • 57% of consumers would do research on comparison websites when looking for a current account provider

*we will reveal which bank during the webinar

Actionable Insights

We uncover the difficulties that 95% of your prospective customer will face when on your site. We can give you evidence based insights that you cannot possibly find anywhere else, which will help you to:

  • Convert up to 32% more customers online
  • Understand the lost opportunity
  • Increase online sales conversions by an average of 15%

Register for the webinar

Global Reviews: How do consumers choose a current account provider?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT


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