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Author: Marie Sheehan

Companies are losing one in five customers online by over-complicating their websites.

Ok, so it’s not “kiss” as in the lip smacker display of affection…

…..It’s KISS as in “Keep It Simple Silly”…

Our research*, which benchmarked 166 companies in the UK, found that 21% of customers would leave a website immediately to find another provider if they encountered a problem when shopping online.

Encountering a problem on a website

A third of customers find that they have to put in more effort than expected
The studies also revealed that on average 32% of customers had to put in more effort than expected on a particular website to achieve their desired task. The energy industry scored lowest with a substantial 40% of customers finding websites required too much effort.


Digital customer experience
While innovations in website design continue to evolve, understanding what’s required to simplify the customer’s buying journey is often misunderstood. Companies need to know how easy – and how difficult – it is to buy from them online.

*Our ongoing international syndicated programmes provide companies with a totally unique insight into how effectively they engage customers online and help them match a product to service to meet their needs.

We provide companies with targeted, actionable insights to improve their digital customer experience curb website visitor attrition and improve digital sales. It’s not necessarily about how companies would like to sell online; it’s about how easy you make it for consumers to make a purchase decision. We see companies realising an immediate online sales uplift once they change their approach.

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