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Leading sports betting brands losing on average 74% potential customers

Leading sports betting brands losing on average 74% potential customers

Leading online sports betting providers are losing between 66% and 84% of their potential customers during their online orientation, results found in a recent study by Global Reviews.

In a fast-paced market where competitors could easily snap up a customer that should be yours, it’s key to understand what drives clients to choose a brand.

So why are online sports betting providers losing target online customers that they should be winning?

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Betting options that are easy to understand is one of the key drivers for potential bettors. This might seem obvious, yet we discovered that the majority of providers do not offer enough clarity at this key stage of the journey and as a result see prospective customers placing their bets elsewhere.

From the five leading brands in the UK, William Hill outshines its competitors by losing the least customers during their research phase. However, with a loss of 66% of prospects there are still huge opportunities to win more of these customers.

With our unique research programme, Fruition, we uncovered the reasons why.

We observed 360 regular bettors who researched over 32 sports betting providers during the discover stage of the journey, who then narrowed it down to a shortlist of preferred brands and ultimately a final preference.

We conducted a detailed analysis of the five most popular brands of those surveyed, outlining what impacts their success online and how well the providers are doing in-comparison to their competitors.

To find out what best practice in betting options looks like watch our webinar with exclusive insights that will help to optimise conversion.

  • What lost opportunities cause even The Big 5 to lose customers?
  • What are customers’ key drivers when choosing a provider?
  • Who’s losing customers to whom?

Global Reviews specialises in helping top brands worldwide convert more of their ideal customers online, through the use of the most advanced research methodologies. To find out more about how we can help you and your digital teams, or if your brand would like to be included in our next round of FRUITION research, please contact: 

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