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Mobile websites offer a better experience than desktop and tablet sites when researching and booking domestic flights

Domestic airline booking

In the latest Global Reviews Domestic Booking (Flights) Industry Digital Sales Effectiveness Report, it shows that when it comes to researching and booking a flight online, mobile websites are offering a better experience than their desktop and tablet counterparts.

The benchmark tracks the customers’ journey, across key brands in the travel sector, from their initial engagement with the website, when they are locating and considering the flights, through to completing the booking form.

On a combined average Qantas was seen to offer the best online experience with a score of 59.8%. However, when splitting the results across each of the devices Qantas only led on desktop while Swiss was number one on mobile with Jetstar and Virgin Australia sharing the lead on tablet.

As part of the benchmarking study, consumers are asked about their propensity to recommend a website to a friend or colleague, this forms the Web Promoter Score (WPS) metric.

The industry average WPS was -19%.

airline wps scoreThe mobile sites fared the best with -6%.

Despite mobile sites providing the better experience across devices, there are still areas where it falls behind and therefore is not yet offering a consistently strong performance which shows in this negative WPS score.

Most important website elements as stated by prospective customers
When asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 how important particular features would be on a website when researching and booking a domestic flight, the most important elements were:

Top needs airline websites

As a whole the industry is performing well to meet these needs, however they are lacking some points along the way. The mixed results across brands, with no sole brand dominating all stages of the research and booking process, means that there is a lot of potential for the industry to learn from each other to lift the industry up even further.

Click here to download the full report.

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