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Motor Insurance: What is driving the change in brand preferences?

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Getting onto a consumer’s consideration list is one thing…staying there is another! Most brands know how many people are reaching their website following a Google search, but how many know where these prospective customers go once they’ve left the site? Then there’s the question of why did these consumers leave and why aren’t they coming back?

Throughout November, January and March we asked Australian consumers who were in the market for a new motor insurance provider to conduct their initial research online and tell us which brand(s) they considered vs. which brand they would finally prefer after initial research.

The following infographic shows how many prospective customers brands are losing between consideration and final preference as well as the evolving trends in what is driving brand preferences.

Motor Insurance infographicThe Global Reviews Digital Marketing Effectiveness study is the only research programme that can truly show marketers what is happening with their prospective customers online. In addition to studying the research habits and processes of consumers, Global Reviews also assesses the usability of the individual brand websites, focusing specifically on how well the website aids the consumer when researching and opening an account online.

Contact us to find out how consumers are researching your brand and whether or not your website is helping or hindering them in the process.


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