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Motor Insurance: who excels at SEO and what are the most used Search Terms

When potential customers are looking for information on motor insurance, search engines are influencing their shortlisting of providers.

While the use of search engines is more dominant on mobile, it is also highly used on desktop: 93% of mobile users use search, while 69% of desktop users start researching Irish Motor Insurance brands this way, shows our recent study on 250 desktop and 200 mobile in-market consumers.

As part of their discover journey, 97% of desktop users and 72% of mobile users will visit a brand website.

The use of the broker is more likely on desktop than it is on mobile.

Participants were asked to make a shortlist after some initial research, and when asked why they shortlisted a brand, 37% of mobile users and 22% of desktop users stated: “I saw them when I used a search engine.”

Favourite search engines
Google is the top search engine used when researching motor insurance overall.

Of desktop users, 72% use search, of whom:
96% use Google
5% use Yahoo
1% use Ecosia
1% use Bing
1% use Ask

On mobile, 63% use search, of whom:
99% use Google
1 % use Duck Duck Go

popular search terms motor insurance

Best performing brands in search engine ranking
All brands provide paid ads to ensure they feature within the top results.

Aviva, Allianz, The AA and are consistently chosen within the top four results for initial preference, shortlisting and final preference. This further validates the findings that these four brands are investing heavily in paid advertising. As a result, their presence in the search results might be impacting this.

Aviva and AA show up at the top as paid ads when searching for ‘car insurance Ireland.’

Liberty are currently coming up as the first result when searching ‘car insurance’ on a mobile device, displaying a paid ad.

Search engine optimisation is key
As we can see, search engine optimisation is key to get consumers to visit your website, as it considerately impacts shortlisting and their final choice of brand. Our key findings:

  • 93% of mobile users and 69% of desktop consumers use search while researching Irish motor insurance brands
  • Google is the most popular search engine
  • 37% of mobile users and 22% of desktop users shortlisted a brand because: “I saw them when I used a search engine.”
  • The most popular search terms are ‘car insurance ireland’, ‘car insurance’ and ‘motor insurance’
  • Paid ads on Google seem to help Aviva, Allianz, The AA and consistently being chosen within the top four favourites.


Fieldwork for both studies was completed between April 13th and June 7th  2017.
Aligns to national averages for gender, age, stage and income.
200 desktop participants and  200 mobile participants.
All sample was recruited from the Research Now panel and Empathy Research.

Desktop competitors benchmarked: Allianz, Zurich, AXA and FBD,, AIG and Aviva
Mobile competitors benchmarked: Allianz, AIG, Aviva and Chill Insurance,, AA and FBD

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