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Online hotel booking providers told to instil trust and confidence with consumer

Around 250 attendees at the “No Vacancy” conference in Sydney today were provided with some key insights into understanding consumer behaviour when it comes to online hotel booking.

The top take-away from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” presentation by Greg Muller, Global Reviews CEO, was that these sites needed to instil trust and confidence with the consumer in three main areas:

  • Integrate ratings and reviews
  • Adequately explain the features and inclusions
  • Reinforce their value proposition – remind them why they don’t need to go somehere

Greg stated that up to 39% of Gen Y users wont make purchases for hotel bookings without user generated content include on the site. User generated content has enormous persuasive power in the decision making cycle for travel and is identified as a critical component of hotel and accommodation purchase behaviour.

Conference attendees were also urged to put in place their mobile strategy with 40 – 50% of online travel booking consumers expected to be booking and paying using their mobile devices within the next 2 years.

The top reason stated in Global Reviews research for placing an online booking website on the final preference list was the fact that they had used them before (55%) and second that it was easy to use (52%).

Reasons for final preference of an online hotel booking site:

Hotel Booking

Other key take-aways:

Remove the effort – simplify

  • Use simple language
  • Understand how users navigate – de-clutter the experience

Hotels have some work to do

  • At an immediate disadvantage due to proliferation of aggregators/OTAs
  • Overall, quality of the search/booking experience is below OTAs

Get your mobile strategy defined

  • Expect 40-50% of all your bookings within 2 years

It’s crowded – differentiate

  • But there’s room
  • Learn what works and listen


  • You’ll win when you make consumers feel empowered

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