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Telcos Contact Centres not matching customer needs

In such a competitive market as telecommunications it is interesting that a recent study conducted by Global Reviews on the industry’s contact centres shows that many companies lack the ability to present the customer with a convincing value proposition.

The Global Reviews research shows that the industry is not taking advantage of its contact centre channels to increase its customer base. Instead, agents are often serving as reactive order-takers, who pitch the most popular product, without first getting to know the customer and matching the best product to their needs.

The telecommunications industry’s “Acquisition” score which captures the extent to which a company presents a solution tailored to the customer’s need and then close the sale, was only 46.4%.

figure 1 Telecommunications

Global Reviews Managing Partner, Peter Grist, said he was surprised that not more emphasis was placed on this area of sales effectiveness given the fiercely competitive nature of the industry.

“The greatest advantage of contact centres over channels such as the internet, is the ability to have dialogue direct with customers that can draw out their particular requirements, match the best product and ultimately lead them to a sale, however many companies are just not training their agents to do this.”

“It is symptomatic of a reactive, order-taking process whereby they are serving as an information service rather than a proactive sales channel.” Grist said

Even though the industry is more fiercely competitive than ever, performance in the needs discovery process (uncovering the customer’s broad and specific needs) has decreased in the last 12 months, impacting the industry’s ability to prospects into customers.

“Telecommunications companies need to do a lot more work to ensure a greater contribution of their contact centres to their bottom line” Grist added

The overall performance of companies was led by Vodafone who’s attempts to improve customer satisfaction (in the provision of mobile phone service contact centre sales) resulted in an industry-leading score of 58.3%, due to sustained efforts in establishing which features the customer is interested in.

Vodafone were followed by iiNet with 56.2% and Virgin with 55.8%.

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