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Top three tips for winning more of your ideal personal loan customers

A recent Global Reviews Digital Sales Effectiveness study (April 2016) revealed that financial services websites in the UK are not doing enough to help customers find the personal loan that is right for them. Simply put, the UK banking industry is failing to help customers match products to their specific needs online by not providing enough general information.

When we look at the top and bottom performers throughout the customer journey, it is apparent that no one brand is leading the market across all stages.

Loans Top Performers

We asked ‘in-market’ customers, i.e. those who are actively in the market for a new personal loan, to spend some time on the homepage of some of the leading banking brands in the UK, absorbing and actively looking for their desired information on personal loans. Voice of the customer feedback was captured and it is very apparent that customers found many of the homepages difficult to navigate, overloaded with information and interestingly, personal loans information was difficult to find.


So, what can financial service providers do to help their ideal customers find the correct information on the personal loan, effectively and with relative efficiency and ease? The following ‘Best Practice’ examples provide some insight:

Halifax – Addresses different needs on the homepage 


Citigroup helps users understand the difference between overdrafts and loans 


CBA includes a summary of each loan with key features and benefits 



  • Consider guided choice methods to help customers find the personal loan that is right for them.
  • Include links to ‘more information’ and ‘apply now’ for customers at different stages of the funnel.
  • Remember WHY customers are on the personal loans page, think like a customer and answer the big questions.
    • Why pick a personal loan?
    • Why choose a loan over an overdraft or a mortgage extension?
    • Which is more cost effective?

Global Reviews excels at solving the critical problems digital leaders face in customer acquisition.

  • WHY are we losing potential online customers who are actively considering buying from us (taking out a quote and shortlisting us) but then buy from another company?
  • WHAT can we learn from other companies around the world that will enable us to stop losing customers that we should and could be winning?
  • HOW do we independently validate, in such a fast-moving and disruptive digital environment, that the development decisions we are making are the right ones?

To find out how we can help you, please contact us. 


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