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UK Universities need to prove their worth to fee paying students

Recent changes in UK student fees mean it is more important than ever for universities to maximise the customer experience on their website to appeal to more students and demonstrate that they are worth the fees they charge.

Global Reviews has been benchmarking the online customer experience of universities in Australia and America for the last 10 years and has therefore decided to bring its ‘Competitor Benchmark of Universities’ to the UK.

The UK study will benchmark a university’s ability to appeal to students and compare it to competitor universities. This helps a university to measure and understand the effectiveness of its marketing, brand and the customer experience it offers potential students. As well as identifying the university’s competitive advantages and disadvantages, Global Reviews also provide a series of evidence based recommendations on how the university can improve its marketing and website in order to attract more students.

Harvind Bhatti, General Manager, Global Reviews, says “Those universities who want to convince students to select them, rather than competitor universities, will be very interested in our individual recommendations on how each university can improve their advertising, SEO, brand awareness and website content/functionality in order to illustrate the university and course experience in full to prospective candidates.”

In January this year the benchmark was used to assess a selection of leading Australian, American and international Universities. It revealed some interesting results about how these universities can make entry requirements easier to determine and identified the key influencers on a student’s decision to choose or not chose them. Below are some of the headline scores from that study.


Should you wish to find out more about the imminent UK benchmarking study please contact Global Reviews by clicking here.


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