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Utilities providers need to improve the customer experience offered online



Global Reviews has found that the Utilities industry is one of the only industries where not one provider meets the customer experience target of 55%. This means that despite the growth in online switching, no utility provider offer customers the level of online customer experience they expect.

The industry average is only 44%, making it one of the lowest scoring industries for the quality of customer’s online experience from the 60 product industries that Global Reviews bench-marks. This is a huge opportunity for the brand that does decide to invest in their online customer experience to differentiate themselves on more than just price.

The Q2-2010 results are particularly interesting. Npower and British Gas lead the way with scores of 52%. However whilst no utility website offers customers the level of experience they expect, there is still a significant difference in the experience available on the different websites, with a 23% difference between Npower and EDF.

Harvind Bhatti, Global Reviews General Manager, said, “Global Reviews has been benchmarking the online customer experience of Utility provider websites for the last 10 years. The overall low scores highlight that as an industry there is a lot that brands can do to improve the customer experience offered online. One of the first places to focus should be on overcoming some of the industry specific issues around tariff communication for example and customer service.”


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