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Which UK Sports Betting Company will win the Digital Grand National?


We have just conducted three separate studies into the digital sales, mobile sales and marketing effectiveness of UK Sports Betting Companies. For more details on these studies,  please contact us.

The top three in each of the studies are as follows:

Digital Sales Effectiveness:
1st: Ladbrokes (63%)
Sky Bet (63%)
3rd: William Hill (61%)

Mobile Sales Effectiveness:
1st: Bet Victor (56%)
Ladbrokes (56%)
Sky Bet (56%)

Digital Marketing Effectiveness:
1st: William Hill (62%)
2nd: Ladbrokes (52%)
3rd: Paddy Power (50%)

We are experts in studying the form
We are better than anyone else at helping companies measure, track and optimise their online and mobile sales effectiveness at a tactical and ecommerce level. From our 14 years of experience of collecting and analysing data on over 35,000 consumer interactions and over 500 companies each year we have perfected our digital sales, mobile sales and marketing effectiveness programmes.

Photo Finish
Some observations from the Digital Sales Effectiveness study

  • With an average score of 58%, the UK Sports Betting industry is very effective at digital sales, however other industries, such as Credit Providers in Australia score higher
  • William Hill performed best in the “Initial Engagement”, “Placing a Bet” & “Registration” stages of the customer digital sales journey
  • Sky Bet are the top performers in the “Introducing Options” and “Channel Selection” categories
Digital Sales Effectiveness

DSE Q1 2014

Three Way Dead Heat
Some observations from the Mobile Sales Effectiveness study

  • Brands are failing to adequately differentiate their offerings on landing pages (low initial engagement)
  • Many brands are failing to convince consumers to place impulse bets (we have the insights on how to dramatically improve this)
  • Brands are also missing conversions due to consumers switching to a competitor at the last minute (our actionable insights shows how you can curb this attrition)
Mobile Sales Effectiveness

Mobile Sales Effectiveness


William Hill Cruises Home
Some observations from the Digital Marketing Effectiveness study

  • The chart below outlines the Shortlist Score of the UK Sports Betting Companies. This is the percentage of consumers who short listed a particular company for later consideration when looking to place a bet
  • William Hill came out on top as the preferred brand. One in five listed William Hill as their preferred website to place a bet; this is particularly interesting when you consider that only 25% needed to actually visit their site to help making that decision.
  • At 17% Paddy Power scored the second highest number of final preference choices, which is very high considering that only 36% recalled the brand and only in three shortlisted them


Digital Marketing Effectiveness

Digital Marketing Effectiveness

To arrange a call back or meeting to discuss this study in more detail, and find out more about the full scope of the research as well as the actionable insights Global Reviews deliver please contact us.
To register your interest for our free webinar on this study or to receive our free white paper,  please contact us.




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