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With 88% of students likely to apply online for higher learning courses, universities need to ensure their website delivers

The internet is a popular channel of choice when searching for higher learning courses and the selection of universities. There are a number of stages when it comes to choosing a university and the internet plays a specific role in each of these steps.

In a survey conducted by Global Reviews, only 2% stated that they did not use the internet during any stage of choosing a university, meaning that the majority (98%) used the internet at some point.

When first researching courses, 85% of respondents stated that they used the internet during the process. As they start comparing different universities, 68% are still using the internet. This number increases to 73% when it comes to researching specific information about a university.

Figure 1: Usage of internet during process of choosing a university (prospective, new & current students)Higher Learning Graph

Whilst 69% reported that they used the internet during the process of applying for a university, only 1% stated that they would be not at all likely to apply to a university online compared to 43% who said that they were extremely likely to apply online.

Table 1: Likelihood of applying to a university onlineHigher Learning Table02

The outcomes of the research show an overwhelming need for universities to ensure their website offers the correct information and is easily found and accessible.

The survey results provide a clear understanding of the requirements and priorities of prospective, new and current students searching for higher learning options and the best university to meet their needs.

Global Reviews has a significant range of data and insights relating to higher learning and international student processes of searching for courses and considering and applying to specific universities.

To find out more on the research we have on your university compared with competitive universities contact us.


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