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Back in 2000...

Site centric traffic and standard usability data were useful but they didn’t provide companies with a measure of whether their website was performing as well as it could; especially when compared to their competitors and best practice.

Dr Adir Shiffman and Adam Goodvach founded the business in the sub-basement of a 17-storey Collins Street building. Within a few years, Global Reviews' benchmarks took-off and many major corporates in retail, airlines, energy, education, health insurance and banking subscribed to a regular reporting program.

We achieved great adoption...

The popularity of the Global Reviews approach spread to other channels and in 2004 Global Reviews were encouraged by clients to launch Telephone, Email and Branch benchmarking. With all new products, the same core elements of objectivity, inclusion of competitors and actionable recommendations have remained core to what we do.

Following the launch of Global Reviews in the United Kingdom in 2006, we have since become an advisor to many of the world's leading companies. In 2010, Adam and Adir stepped back from the day-to-day operations of the business. Digital industry veteran Greg Muller was appointed CEO to define and drive the exciting next chapter in the Global Reviews story.

Are you measuring your digital journeys?

We can help you evaluate your digital (web & mobile), telephone and retail sales and service journeys against a best practice customer journey framework

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