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How well do your contact centre agents respond to specific sales scenarios?

Global Reviews can give detailed performance information on how specific sales scenarios were handled by you and your competitors. The Telephone Sales Customer Experience Benchmark (CEB) identifies where your contact centre agents are utilising best-practice sales techniques and those areas where specific behaviours can be improved.

Improving your overall customer experience in turn improves customer conversion

The Telephone Sales CEB is an essential tool that provides your company with the evidence it needs to improve performance in your contact centres, enhance overall customer experience and sales retention.

Regular, independent evidence in a controlled environment

Global Reviews analysts and customer surrogates conduct live calls into your contact centre and assess the quality of the customer experience against more than 60 objective and rigorous behavioural criteria across 4 critical dimensions – i.e. access; engagement; acquisition and product. The sales scenarios played out by our customer surrogates are industry specific and designed to test your agents’ abilities over all of the criteria in our benchmark.

Because the telephone sales CEB is conducted on a quarterly basis, it offers your organisation a continuous improvement loop allowing contact centre managers to make better decisions through confidence and evidence.


will have another conversation


of those will make another purchase

Using the research above, how much extra revenue would be generated by your organisation if you could capture this opportunity?

The Global Reviews Telephone Proactive Service CEB measures that ability of contact centre agents to resolve a customer’s initial enquiry and then add extra value. The Proactive Sales CEB does this by assessing recorded service calls provided by the client against the Global Reviews benchmark of best practice. The benchmark measures around 50 specific agent behaviours that contribute to a best practice service interaction. Because the Proactive Service CEB measures actual service/sales behaviours it can identify where your contact centre agents are utilising best-practice service and those areas where specific behaviours can be improved.

Rely on the benchmarks to drive continuous improvement and organisational change

Because the Proactive Service CEB is conducted on a quarterly basis, it creates a continuous improvement loop that measures the change capability of an organisation. The independent and objective data also allows contact centre leaders to make better business decisions.


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