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A sophisticated, iterative and collaborate approach to Information Architecture design which binds  stakeholders to an evidence led, user centric solution.

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Many websites are focused on meeting the requirements of internal stakeholders rather than focusing on the needs of the visitor and user that the site was originally designed for. All too often the design process does not include adequate user research and content becomes incorrectly grouped or mislabelled. This approach to website design leads to site abandonment and lower conversion rates as content is too difficult to find.

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Start the race 100meters down the track.

Leveraging insights and data from Global Reviews ongoing syndicated studies, all IA projects begin with a review of recent relevant website experience data. By reviewing actual onsite journey performance across thousands of visits, a body of best practice evidence forms the foundations upon which the new IA is designed.


Ground breaking approach to identifying the optimum structure .

Leveraging network data theory we measure the strength of relationship between content elements in the proposed architecture using Eigenvector centrality. Complimenting more traditional forms of measurement, this approach allows for the analysis of data in a qualitative manner yet at scale.


Test, optimise, test.

Taking an iterative approach to architecture design which includes the testing of the current IA against multiple potential IA structures. We take the learnings from these first tests to iterative and develop a new design which we test again. Finally, the IA is worked up into high fidelity clickable prototypes which provide the opportunity to test the IA within a working site design prior to it going live.


All stakeholders are clearly heard and invited to participate.

We recognise the website represents all of the business and that there are many vested interests in how the structure, content and real estate is used. Designing an IA that meets the requirements of all of these vested interests is very difficult to do. Our IA process invites stakeholder participation from the outset and draws from the experience of knowledge experts while relying on the research to dictate the direction the structure takes.


Tailored approach to testing design thinking and new design trends.

With multiple research sprints, this approach provides an opportunity to explore and measure new design approaches which may be used on the website. Icon and image assisted pathways, object versus task based navigation and mega menu design approaches are a few examples of the types of things which can be measured within the study.

Global Reviews approach to information architecture development invites the end user and stakeholders to collaborate through our unique methodology to develop an optimum IA solution. The end result is a future proof IA solution that stakeholders will advocate for.

A unique solution to uncover information architecture insights that will improve your website's navigation.
The logic of where some products are placed in our favourite supermarkets is beyond many of us. Over time we come to accept that Biscotti biscuits can be found in the coffee section and move on. But when a brainiac decides product pairings should change and antacid tablets be moved beside the Doritos rather than their natural medicinal habitat, we develop heartburn!
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Our holistic approach is achieved through the development and deployment of novel and precise consumer centric methodologies nested within five strategic areas of focus.