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Creating more compelling customer experiences which deliver better commercial outcomes.

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  • A suite of intelligence solutions that measure experience at specific points in the customer acquisition and self-service journey
  • Experiences are measured within the contextual environment they exist and we typically includes competition benchmarking
  • We apply a best fit framework when applying methodologies to measure customer experience including remote UX, network data theory and digital ethnography
  • Our specialise in accessing hard to reach areas and audiences
December 10, 2020
45 mins
Credit card providers are not highlighting comparison tools early enough in the journey.
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Identify why you are losing online target customers that you could and should be winning.

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A journey centric, whole market approach to measuring your digital marketing performance.

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Digital maturity intelligence which enables prioritised experience innovation.

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Our holistic approach is achieved through the development and deployment of novel and precise consumer centric methodologies nested within five strategic areas of focus.