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Digital maturity intelligence which enables prioritised experience innovation.

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Enterprises do not possess the intelligence they need to measure the performance of their own, and their competitors, digital service maturity. Finite resources are being blindly invested in poor innovation decisions. Consumer self-service demands are not being met.


Benchmark your digital maturity.

Measure your current digital service maturity against global competitors and consumer desirability.


Gain competitive intelligence.

Discover where and when are your competitors are releasing new digital service innovations.


Invest with certainty.

Place evidence at the core of your digital innovation roadmap and remove bias and assumptions.


Learn from global best practice.

Emulate the innovation decisions global leaders are making which places them ahead of the pack.


Identify consumer propositions that drive engagement.

Identify the service experiences most desired by target consumer segments and underpin acquisition and service strategies.


Gain a deeper understanding of consumer digital adoption.

Deepen your knowledge of your target audiences digital behaviour.

COMPASS provides brands with the intelligence they need to understand their digital service maturity performance and delivers strategic insight into the performance of their competitors. The research methodology places consumer evidence at the core of decision making, removing opinions and assumptions, and ensuring brands can invest with confidence. Infusing data-driven insight into decision making, ensures teams will develop a digital proposition consumers will love while an extensive library of global pan-industry best practice accelerates the time to market and reduces delivery costs.

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Our holistic approach is achieved through the development and deployment of novel and precise consumer centric methodologies nested within five strategic areas of focus.