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A New Dawn in Superannuation Insights

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Elaine Murphy - Product Marketing Executive

Previously on Global Reviews

A new day has dawned. The pandemic is finally coming to an end, and Global Reviews are ready to unveil their new solution, something that we have been developing for nearly three years. And no, it's not a selfcare book, podcast launch or indeed a dreaded Zoom quiz (we'll leave all that stuff in 2020/21), but it is something pretty spectacular.

The first few months of the pandemic were tough, there was great uncertainty in the marketplace and what was to come. We also saw a shift in the market with more and more brands coming to us, asking for assistance in the Digital Service space (i.e. behind the login). As a result, the team took time to do an internal review and see how we could improve our work, methodologies and insights. From this time, our research methods have greatly evolved. Our previous studies looked at specific parts of the customer digital journey, albeit the customer acquisition, conversion and retention brands aim to master. There are specific brands that have top-notch attraction or conversion metrics - but how many brands can say they are top performers in the full end2end digital journey? This is where we got the ball rolling - what if we could come up with a digital maturity analysis on a brands full end2end journey? Fast forward a couple of years and here we are.

Enter: The end2end digital intelligence solution.

We took the solution for a test drive in the Superannuation industry. Now, we want to show the solution in motion, and from this, provide a 360 degree view of the digital maturity of a Super brands online environment in our upcoming webinar on March 10th 11-12pm AEDT.

The Season Premiere: End2End Digital Intelligence

Let's give some context

Superannuation is a sector which has gone through (and is still going through) rapid transformation. We realized to expand and maximise our evidence led insights, we need to measure and report on the whole digital journey, rather than specific parts of the journey.

We blended these stages into a holistic view on the complete customer journey, with the addition of UX testing behind the login, on both the desktop portal and native app. You read that right - access all areas. We’ve gone above and beyond to build this complex research and methodology approach (like I said, it's been in works for nearly three years)

The solution promotes

Our end2end approach encourages teams to unite and get a holistic view of the entire customer journey. With this complete picture and breadth of insight, prioritisation is more informed, and a more consistent and seamless experience focussing on what matters most to customers can be delivered.

Karen Beynon, Global Lead Client Advisor - Digital Customer Experience

Webinar details

Hear from one of our expert client advisors on the bespoke insights, brand rankings and performance results. We combine a features and functions audit and usability testing on both the public site and live members environments from a range of key superannuation brands, and also brands outside of sector with highly digital and innovative feature universes, highlighting global best practice. What content can you expect?

  • Acquisition: which funds are currently best optimized for conversion, what are the features your competitors are providing and how they are executing those features specifically.
  • Member environments: what are the emerging trends that Global Reviews have identified which will impact superannuation funds’ member portals and native app.
  • Member requirements: what are the features and requirements that members desire and on which devices.

3 words. 5 syllables. Say them and we’re yours.

Global.  Best.  Practice.

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