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How can digital help Super funds win and retain more members?

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Karen Beynon - Lead Client Advisor

Our recent Q3 2020 online acquisition research shows that Covid-19 has changed the decision making behaviour of in-market members, when looking for a new superannuation provider.

Comparison search terms and comparison site visits, when choosing one superannuation provider over another, are down. Potential fund earnings over a 5 year period, the typical instrument used to find the right superannuation provider, is not as dominant. Yet despite increasing brand loyalty, 48% of superannuation members, tasked with finding a super provider that meets their needs, would consider switching from their current provider.

Global Reviews reveal member behaviour changes in our webinar.

This webinar highlights:

  1. The messages that should now take precedence over “investment returns” that will attract prospects early in the acquisition journey.
  2. Case study examples of those superannuation brands that are delivering the right messages in the right places and significantly outperforming the competition at attracting new prospects.
  3. Which superannuation brand websites are most successful in helping prospective members navigate to and find key information and why?
  4. How brands can do more to communicate transparency and build trust with current and prospective members.

Some of brands we shared results on include: AustralianSuper, Suncorp, BT, Verve Super, Hostplus, CBUS, Rest, Sunsuper & Kogan (Energy).

In this webinar we detailed key results from recent studies where we tasked current superannuation members with a number of end to end journey tasks and measured their experience while they were completing them. Coupled with this task completion, Global Reviews also completed a detailed audit of the best practice features provided by each brand to support prospective members on their journey to find a super provider than meets their needs.

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