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What website changes can universities make today which will increase prospective student conversion?

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Gerard Farrell - CEO

Our recent Q2 2020 Digital Sales Effectiveness study highlights the impact Covid-19 has had on prospective students attitudes towards studying at university in Australia and where universities are missing easy content opportunities to drive higher conversion rates.

Global Reviews reveal onsite content opportunities that will drive prospective student conversions in our upcoming webinar.

Expectations of what Higher Learning institutes must do to meet prospective students needs reach far beyond providing Virtual Open Days. Too many prospective students are concerned their job prospects post study have been significantly reduced due to an economic downturn (67%).  

Prospective students want more free online course content (57%), a greater ability to manage their study from their online student platform (38%) and overall more communication from Higher Learning institutions on how their daily student life will be affected (37%). Universities need to provide a greater amount of more precise content in the right places, which allays concerns, answers key questions and reassures them that your Higher Learning Institution is the right one for someone like them.

This change in behaviour brings new opportunity.

This webinar highlights:

  1. What content can universities provide which will align with prospective students change in priorities and influence decision making in choosing one university over another?
  2. Where in the onsite journey content should be provided to encourage more meaningful browsing and increase prospects propensity to choose your university over another?
  3. Compelling ways in which trust and differentiation can be communicated as a core part of a brand’s digital experience, which in turn drives greater prospective student recruitment.

Some of brands we shared results on include: CQU, Uni WA, Curtin University, Macquarie University, QUT, La Trobe, USQ, Swinburne, RMIT, Deakin and University of Queensland

In this webinar we detailed key results from recent studies where we tasked prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students with a number of end to end journey tasks and measured their experience while they were completing them. Coupled with this task completion, Global Reviews also completed a detailed audit of the best practice features provided by each university to support prospective students on their journey to find a university and course that meets their needs.

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