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How can UK & Irish higher education institutions maximise a Virtual Open Day strategy?

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Geri McGann - Principal Client Advisor, Europe

Leveraging recent Q3 2020 data, Global Reviews highlight best practice examples from leading Australian universities that are driving greater engagement with their approaches.

For example, why are Deakin University significantly outperforming the competition with both domestic and international prospects? Why are RMIT providing the most successful live session experience? And how Victoria University leading through their personalised experience?

This webinar highlights:

  • How universities can gain advantage by prioritising more intelligently and promoting features that matter to prospective students.
  • The attitudes and behaviours of prospective domestic and international students towards Virtual Open Days.
  • Which universities are providing the best Virtual Open Day experience and what service experiences are they investing in to achieve leadership?


This benchmark measured 212 individual experience criteria across 12 universities. Experience criteria are subsequently weighted by 300 prospective students in an online interview. Not only do we measure which universities are delivering which types of experiences, Global Reviews also measures which experience are most important to prospective students and why.

Key questions this webinar answers:

  1. What experiences do domestic and international students deem most important when participating in a university Virtual Open Days?
  2. Best practice examples of those university brands that are delivering the right experience and significantly outperforming the competition.
  3. What Virtual Open Day experiences are deemed most important to school leavers, non school leavers and international students?
  4. The impact Covid- 19 has had on students expectations and attitudes towards higher education.

Some of brands we shared results on include: Swinburne, University of Canberra, Victoria University, University of South Australia, Griffith University, Flinders University, La Trobe, Monash University and RMIT.

Missed our webinar? Get access to the recording by clicking the link above. This recording will help to find out the answers to some of these questions and to get a snippet of the research we are currently running on UK and Irish university Virtual Open Days.

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